Hello and welkom on our website.

Let’s introduce myselves to you. My name is Harrij also known as Dj Tracxx and I make musicmixes on several music sites. I was in the past active as an radio Dj at an piracy radiostation.

Recent I made the decicion to start with music mixing and because I love trance and dance music I mix those genres. I was started at mei 2019, just recent yes. I use an Pioneer xdj-rx2 and mashup software to mixing in good harmonie.

The most of the time I spend on searching for new music on i.e. Junorecords and beatport for new releases. Listening on what is good for in the mix. Build up an lib and seek the places to cut them out for the best fitting in the mix

Making mixes is different as make radio, an radio presentator has the oppertunity to play two different tracks without the worry they will not fit together. He can use and advertisment or an jingle to seperate.

Ok, so far this short introduce, it will be updated in the future for so far thanks for you attention and enjoy the music in the mixes.