Thanks to all new followers on the site.

We don’t have enoung time to refresh our pages at time because one of us have a long term sikness. We hope he is comming soon back.

Maybe you will hear it we time our tracks precisly and in key. The trakcs will be shortened to fit with the other to make it more smooth to your ears.

It will take ours to make a set, first on the turntables and then in a software to knockout faults and fit some parts better. We want the best hearable Trance set in the site.

Go for it, every week a new set and several times in a month one on the free sit.

You like our music consider to become a selectlistener and get more. This month every new selectlistener gets the week relase on CD, the only thing is register on this site for your name and adres to send it to. How nice is that listen to the set in your car.

We are looking is we can te sets dowloable at this site, so it come on HQ MP3.

Again for following us be be a member of our fanclub, you will hear about is soon. 

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  1. We have reach the 8th place in to the trance top 100 and the 40th place at the mashup top 100. We are so proud on this succes and we don’t forget this is thru our followers, thanks for ti!

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