20 Years Airwave and a excelente remastered CD that deserve some attention. This CD contains 22 remastered tracks wich has to be heard by the big public.

We make this CD as our month favorit and play in every mix one or two tracks to give it some airplay.


  1. I Want To Believe
  2. Above The Sky
  3. Alone In The Dark
  4. Lightspeed
  5. Another Dimension
  6. Tigris And Euphrates ** Favorite track **
  7. Sunspot
  8. People Just Don’t Care
  9. Save Me
  10. Sky Blues
  11. Innerspace
  12. Cathedrals Of Hope
  13. Ladyblue
  14. Venus Of My Dreams
  15. Sadness In Black And White (part 1)
  16. When Things Go Wrong
  17. Chiricahua
  18. Save Me
  19. LadyBlue (original)
  20. Sadness In Black And White (part 2)
  21. Atlas WInds
  22. Ping Pong

In our next mix we going to play some tracks, so pay attention to the mixcloud site to grap the mix with AIRWAVE tracks in it. Next week we upload it.

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